—Truth or Dare

We long for transparency in our leaders, our loved ones and all those we associate with but find ourselves in a world that seems shrouded in secrecy. We observe world events as though looking through an opaque glass that intentionally keeps us from seeing clearly. Fascinated by conspiracy theories like where exactly COVID-19 originated, and what comes next in this new reality, we spend a lot of time and energy looking for the most elusive of virtues, the Truth.

Believing that finding the truth will make us happy, we find ourselves agitated and anxious. The pursuit takes on a life of its own dancing the truth in front of us but keeping it slightly out of reach. We find ourselves forsaking our reason and peace of mind, becoming lost in the hunt. If we could just read one more article or do one more google search, we are sure to figure it all out. Then we could – do what? What would happen if we just stopped searching, abandoned the chase and instead became the truth?

Becoming the truth means accepting that we are here to experience living this one perfect day in front of us. No matter how we arrived at today, here we are. We can choose to make every moment matter. You have the power, not the events around you, to make this day count. No matter what your economic circumstance, you can choose to put on your face mask, go outside and take a long walk with a loved one. You can call and comfort a friend. You can invite someone to watch a sunset with you or create a community healing despacho even while socially distancing. Then you choose to wake up tomorrow with gratitude for yesterday and focus your creative energy again. 

We are here to connect with each other and find ways to help each other to get through each day of this time of the Pachacuti, the great renewal. This period of transformation foretold by the shamans signals the arrival of humans of wisdom living in their eternal nature, free of fear and in stewardship of all creation. How can you prepare yourself to become one of the new humans? One way is to reacquaint yourself with the Rites of the Munay-ki

Each rite is transmitted as a seed. While seeking outward truth, it is easy to forget to nurture these seeds and embody them in the world. Remember where attention goes energy flows! When we refocus our creative energy, we find truth within. What have you done today to be a day keeper? A wisdom keeper? An earth keeper? A star keeper? A creator? Start conversations with friends or partners and encourage each other to find ways to grow the Rites and allow them to bloom for you and your community. Everything shifts when you focus on creating. Are you up for the challenge?