The shamanic path invites us to heal trauma and walk in this world without fear. During this extraordinary time, we want to provide free resources to help you cope, step into your shamanic path and bring more light into the world using some tools and techniques from our Light Body School.

We’re living in a time of extraordinary changes, even as our lives are on pause. Join Alberto Villoldo as he shares shamanic practices to keep you in the flow of our new daily ups and downs.

Join Alberto Villoldo in a playlist of his weekly Facebook Lives in discussion and ceremony for shamans during this time.

Power animals are spirit helpers and allies that we can resort to when we need assistance. Join Alberto Villloldo in this meditation journey to find the sacred animal that walks with you.

The Fire Ceremony brings rapid transformation. You honor your lessons, release old beliefs, and heal deeply at the level of the soul. Receive instructions and download here to have your own shamanic fire ceremony.

The Institute of Functional Medicine Botanical and Nutraceutical Recommendations for Patient. Further information can be found here.

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