Mitochondria and the Feminine Life Force

In humans, the prefrontal cortex, located in the front of the brain, takes on critically important significance as our link to the future, our key to enlightenment, the answer to those ancient questions:  How can we live long and healthy lives, unaffected by debilitating illness and degenerative brain disease?  How can we turn the dense lead of human awareness into the gold of enlightened consciousness?  How can we program the brain for life, health, and joy?  How will we evolve?

The prefrontal cortex is associated with the loftier brain functions such as reasoning, inventing the alphabet and music, discovering science, and engaging in creative thinking.  Intricately linked to the ability of the prefrontal cortex to come fully online are the mitochondria – the powerhouses of your cells and the feminine life force referred to by shamans.

Mitochondria are the conductors of the genetic orchestra that regulate how every cell ages, divides, and dies.  They wave the baton that helps dictate which genes are switched on and which are switched off in every one of our cells.  And they provide the fuel for establishing new neural networks.  Moreover, all the mitochondrial DNA in your body is inherited solely from your mother’s lineage.  That means that the source of energy that sustains your life is derived exclusively from the women in your family tree – your matrilineage.

Mitochondria use carbohydrates as fuel, which they convert into life-sustaining energy with the by-products of water and carbon dioxide.  This process is called oxidative metabolism, so named because oxygen is consumed in the process, just as oxygen is consumed by fire.  But, unlike in a fire, which releases energy in an uncontrolled reaction, the energy, or life-force, produced by mitochondria is stored in a chemical “battery,” a unique molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP).  Energy-rich ATP can then be transported throughout cell.

In addition to the fuel they produce, mitochondria also create a by-product related to oxygen call reactive oxygen species (ROS) also known as free radicals.  Free radicals play a pivotal part in regulating apoptosis, the process through which cells initiate self-destruction, a critical function that enables growth and healing of the greater organism.  Apoptosis is the protocol that enables your body to continuously rid itself of as many as ten billion cells every day, making room for new, healthier cells.

While apoptosis is generally positive, it becomes a negative situation when mitochondrial function becomes impaired and sends signals that tell normal cell to die,  In fact, this is the fundament flaw in the mitochondrial mechanism that leads to the destruction of brain cells in essentially every neurodegenerative condition, including Alzheimer’s multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s disease to name a few.  However, this brain cell apoptosis is not limited to just these diseases.  The process occurs throughout your lifetime and is responsible for a general decline in brain function, even if not categorized as a disease per se.

How can we heal mitochondria?  A combination of nutritional supplements, glutathione, and hyperbaric oxygen – discussed in the Power Up Your Brain Program protocols.

Are you ready to heal your mitochondria?