Shamans of the Andes and Prophecies

Shamans in the Andes, the Q’ero, read the signs of destiny and foretold the end of time and the dawn of a millennium of light. The prophecies present possibilities of chaos and the promise of the emergence of a new human, homo luminous, at the end of the turmoil. Most importantly, the prophecies speak about a tear in the fabric of time itself that offer an opportunity for us to define ourselves not by who we have been in the past, but who we will become 10,000 years from now.

In 1950, a group of colorfully dressed outsiders approached the annual gathering of shamans at the foot of a holy mountain in the high Andes of Peru. The locals observed their ponchos and recognized the markings of an ancient lineage of high priests. They were the Laika, also known as Earthkeepers — medicine men and women thought to have vanished after the time of the Conquest.

The Laika were the custodians of invaluable wisdom, known as the four insights. These teachings held that all of creation — the earth, humans, whales, rocks, and even the stars — was made of vibration and light: Nothing perceived as material existed, other than as a dream that humans projected onto the world.

The Laika realized that knowledge about human beings’ capacity to manifest our dreams, what shamans call “dreaming the world into being,” was tremendously powerful and could be easily abused by those lacking ethics. Thus, they concealed that knowledge from outsiders and most of their fellow indigenous peoples.

Despite their caution, the Laika were branded as witches and sorcerers by the Spanish conquistadors, who relentlessly persecuted, imprisoned, tortured, and killed them. (Their wisdom was considered so dangerous and threatening to the Catholic Church that even after the Spanish Inquisition hat shut down everywhere else in the world, the Church kept the Peruvian Inquisition office active in Lima, Peru until 1820.)

Those who managed to escape the purge fled high into the Andes, where they cut themselves off from the rest of humanity — their reputation so thoroughly ruined by the Spaniards that, even today, the name Laika is associated with sorcery. After carefully guarding their knowledge for hundreds of years, in 1950, these high-shamans came out of seclusion and shared the four insights in order to help humanity endure the difficult changes they knew were coming, and give birth to a better world.

Through to the discoveries of quantum physics, the world has come to understand that all matter is densely packed light — proving the understanding of the Laika that vibration and light can organize themselves into a thousand shapes and forms. This wisdom allowed them to move gigantic boulders up the sides of mountains, as required to build the Inka cities in the clouds.

We all feel the tremendous upheavals happening on all levels, physical, emotional and energetic, and know we are facing a quantum leap in collective consciousness. Aware that we are consciousness, we know in our very bones that the more of humanity that makes the leap, the better. By taking an evolutionary leap with other conscious, deliberate individuals, critical mass is reached and we are pulled forward all at once into the new world we created.

Are you ready to be a midwife for the rebirth of the earth and of humanity and to bring coexistence, sustainability and compassion to this challenging time?