In recent blogs we’ve gone over the difference between destiny and future, tracked along time lines, explored the momentum tunnel, identified sacred cows, and discussed the call of destiny. Soon you’ll have the opportunity to journey to retrieve your destiny, but first I want you to familiarize yourself with the Upper World, the invisible domain of our destiny and spirit—or what psychiatry refers to as the superconscious, a realm that’s greater than the limited ego sense we have in our everyday existence.

When we journey to the Upper World, we enter this collective superconscious with access to our personal destiny, along with the destiny of our family or village or the piece of the earth over which we have stewardship—whether that be a garden, a farm, or a neighborhood in New York City.

All traditional societies refer to the Upper World (as do many religions), and each has its own map to describe the terrain. There are the Christian depictions of purgatory and paradise, which delineate the levels of purification humans must undergo before entering into paradise. The ancient maps of Tibet illustrate the bardo planes, where a person’s soul atones for his mistakes and then returns to the light after much hardship and suffering. The Laika tell of a multitiered landscape (similar to what the Tibetans believe), which is inhabited by the collective souls of minerals, plants, and animals, as well as the souls of our ancestors. Each of the five planes of this world exists in a different relationship to time, and this is the map that we’ll be following closely in the next few blogs

The Laika, like many other religions, believe that after your death, you naturally gravitate toward one of these levels of the Upper World based upon how you’ve lived your life. If you arrive in an unhealed state, for instance, you’re consigned to the lower tiers, where you undergo a period of cleansing and purging. Yet if you live consciously, you can arrive at one of the higher tiers of the Upper World, where there’s no time or suffering—only joy.

The beings you will meet in the Upper World will welcome you and guide you to find the sacred contracts that you agreed to before you were born. These are beautiful agreements that you’ve ignored or didn’t know how to recognize in your lifetime because you were blown off your course by trauma, ambition, or your expectation of how you should lead your life. In the Upper World, you’re given the opportunity to ask your celestial parents how you can begin to live these sacred contracts right away, and how they can guide you toward your greatest fulfillment.

All of the steps you’ve been led through in recent blogs have been a preparation for this journey: You’ve used the soul-retrieval process to heal your past and recover your grace; you’ve explored your time lines to discover the toxic patterns that have kept you within your momentum tunnel of love relationships, power, health, and career; and you’ve sacrificed your sacred cows to release yourself from your limiting beliefs. These healing techniques have prepared you for the journey to the Upper World and will allow you to arrive there in a healed state, free to explore the possibility of destiny lines that lie outside your momentum tunnel.

Before we begin, I’d like you to keep in mind that this is a sacred journey requiring proper precautions. Just as you did in the journey to the Lower World, you must open sacred space and pay your respects to the gatekeeper who guards the entrance to the Upper World. (In Christianity, the gatekeeper is the Holy Spirit, represented by a dove of fire; while in Judaism, it is the Messiah.)

The five planes you’ll begin learning about next week are: The Level of the Stone People, The Level of the Plant People, The Level of the Animal Spirits, The Level of Ancestors, and The Level of the Highest.