Graduates Annual Conference Event

How to Craft a New Blueprint … for Your Life!

From Alberto Villoldo:  A man I knew lived for a time in a house that was built from a kit sold by Sears and Roebuck’s catalogue many decades ago. It was solid, small, and practical, and it suited him for a time. But as the years went by and his circumstances changed, he outgrew the […]

Is Mind Consciousness Connected to the Actual Brain?

From Alberto Villoldo:  Although we each have the ability to empathize or agree with others, each of us has our own thoughts and feelings. No other person, even someone we are very close to, can truly get inside our heads and know what we are experiencing. Our inner reality can only be imagined by another, because […]

Stop What’s Stopping You: The FWS “East” Course

In our “East” course at the Four Winds, you act to stop what’s stopping you. At the beginning of our “East” course, many students arrive much like this one: She glanced behind her, unconsciously looking once again, but knowing it was not a literal breeze she felt behind her but an energetic one.  Even that […]

A Journal Entry: The Sacred Breath of the Four Winds Amazon Jungle Expedition

As our plane dropped just above the Amazon jungle canopy, I felt a flutter of excitement in my chest.  We lit gently on the runway and taxied to a small, open-air building,  the Puerto Maldonado airport. We walked straight from the plane to the baggage claim, enveloped by jungle fauna and parrots. Once we retrieved […]