Interested in Shamanic Studies? What’s the Next Step?

Oftentimes on our Facebook Fan Page we receive questions from people new to the teachings of Alberto Villoldo at the Four Winds Society. A recent question…

When It’s Time to Change the Healing Stones of Your Mesa

Many years ago near the temple of Moray in Peru, I sat across from don Mariano as he did a coca reading. As we finished, he blew sweetly into a natural crystal from his mesa and gifted it to me. I could feel the energy of this beautiful shaman before me as well as the […]

A Journal Entry: Releasing the Past on Pachatusan Mountain

Today we climbed Pachatusan Mountain ~ the “Axis of the World” as it is known by the Laika medicine men and women. We had a full day of hiking before us, rising from Pachatusan Mountain’s  valley floor past a beautiful landscape of farmland and fields being harvested. The land was a checkerboard of grassy hills, golden […]

Mayan Prophecies: What Alberto Villoldo Predicted in 2008 About 2012

  Editor’s Note: More than three years ago, Alberto Villoldo wrote about the Mayan Prophecies and the foretold “cosmic event” arriving on December 21, 2012. This is one of the most succinct and precise pieces you will find on what the Mayan Prophecies actually predicted – and what today’s shamans believe – for what many people […]

A Journal Entry: The Gateway of Machu Picchu

The rather rustic train rumbles alongside the Urubamba River and through the Sacred Valley towardsour destination ~ Machu Picchu. I’ve hiked in from the Inka Trail once before but I’ve always enjoyed the clatter of the train as it rounded corners of the mountain, dipped into tunnels, hen returning to the beautiful sunlight and fauna […]