This week’s blog post is a simple—but revealing—exercise: Identifying your sacred cows. Here, you’ll discover and shed some of those limiting beliefs that keep you from living your destiny.

For each of the four strands that are woven into your momentum tunnelLove relationships, Power, Money/Career, and Health―write a sentence that starts with the phrase: When I _________________, and ends with: then I will be able to_______________.

Be as specific as possible. To start the sentence, choose an issue that truly resonates with you, and finish the second part with absolute honesty. You actually started this exercise at the end of the blog on Changing the Course of Your Future, so you might want to refer back to that.

Here are some examples:

Love relationships

You might start with When I find the right love relationship, and complete the sentence with one of these options: then I will be able to: _____________________.

  • be happy
  • be fulfilled
  • stop feeling lonely
  • feel lovable


Power (psychological and emotional strength)

When I get over my anger at my mother, then I will be able to: _____________________.

  • accept my daughter as she is
  • be more in touch with my femininity
  • have confidence
  • be open to meeting a man


Money and career

When I find the right job, then I will be able to:

  • learn to meditate and practice it daily
  • be more peaceful and contented
  • travel
  • become an accomplished chef



When I’m not suffering from chronic fatigue, then I will be able to:

  • exercise regularly
  • learn to cook healthy meals
  • deal with my unhappiness
  • become active and fit


Look back at your answers. The first blank in the sentence is the sacred cow, the limiting belief that keeps you from advancing in life, while the second blank is the journey that you must be willing to embark on, whether or not the first blank occurs.

Despite the simplicity of the exercise, this tool is very revealing of your limiting beliefs. Since you have a whole herd of sacred cows, this exercise should be repeated often, delving deeper each time to reveal your most deep-seated beliefs. Used rigorously, this exercise will provide a doorway to your destiny.

Next Week: The call of destiny.